A career at CATALOG will challenge you to work independently, think critically, and conquer new problems in an unexplored and groundbreaking field.

Open Positions

CATALOG is looking for talented individuals with excellent communication skills for the following positions. If you don’t fit into something below but are motivated to work with us, send us a resume and cover letter to begin a conversation.

Senior Software Engineer

You will develop software services core to our mission of building data storage for the future. These systems will be developed with massive scale and modularity in mind, but also quick iterations.

Synthetic Biologist

You will test and optimize biochemical methods for writing and accessing data on DNA. Your typical workflow will revolve around DNA assembly, editing, quantification, and sequencing.

Software Engineer - Controls & Sensing

Do you have a hacker mentality? Do you reverse engineer antiquated software and update them to highly functional solutions just for fun? Are you excited by the idea of creating elegant software solutions for high-tech hardware? If so, we want you as part of our engineering team.

Mechanical Engineer

Do you regularly take apart complex systems just to see how they work? Do you find yourself daydreaming about how to better design everyday items for increased performance and ease of use? Do you a hacker mentality? If so, we want you as part of our engineering team.

Electrical Engineer

We are looking for a motivated electrical engineer who will be responsible for designing, implementing, and troubleshooting electrical systems in our automated devices. Tasks will range from creating prototype test systems to fully automated, industrial automated systems capable of DNA writing, reading, and computing.